Pandeia is inspired by the past, designed in the present, and created for the future. Every compass sundial watch has been handcrafted at a studio not found on the beaten path.  Pandeia Studio is tucked away deep in the jungle, on the island of Maui. Here each piece is carefully constructed from hand cut, naturally stained leather and antiqued brass.  Every watch is then numbered for authenticity on a stamped tag.  Directions for use are engraved on the back.  There is natural variation in the work making your watch as unique as the free spirit wearing it. Pandeia is about living and thinking free, outside the boundaries of time. Exploration and adventure have given rise to this wearable reminder that the time is now.  



(the wild haired + hearted wahine pictured center)

“As an artist, explorer and undeniable wild woman I gather my inspiration by the ever changing locations surrounding me. I love to incorporate what I’ve connected with into my personal style.

The idea for Pandeia compass sundial watches was actually born on a road trip... I drove naked from Northern CA to Las Vegas with my legend of a bestie, Johanna. We passed a shady antique store along the way, threw some clothes on and went in. This is where I saw my first compass sundial. I spent nearly the rest of my gas money on it much to the dismay of my travel mate. (I don’t blame her). But... it was a must have. I kept thinking how rad it would be to be worn as a wrist watch, an idea not yet birthed to creation. When I returned home from my trip I cut leather straps out of an old belt and removed a buckle from a purse. I drilled the leather into the compass sundial and fastened the buckle.

The first compass sundial wrist watch was born. (It was huge... think flavor flav). The idea for Pandeia suddenly came to life.

It took a few years to come to fruition as you know it now, but all good things take time.

It’s amazing to see what traveling brings you. You set out for one thing, and often come home with something far better. A story, an idea, an experience beyond your wildest dreams.

Long story short... buy the ticket, take the ride, and always keep an open mind. GO.”